Guangzhou's 'Huge Diamond' - International Grand City

Opening hours: 10:00am-10:00pm

Three Real Estate Giants Work Together

The International Grand City is a landmark one stop international fashion shopping centre which forms one part of a large scale urban complex. The project came into being through the collaboration of three powerful developers, Hong Kong's Sun Hung Kai Properties, R & F Properties and Guangzhou's KWG Property. Apart from the shopping area, the entire project also includes A* grade twin tower office blocks Top Plaza, the super 5 star hotel, the Conrad Hotel a subsidiary of the Hilton group, as well as Riviera luxury serviced apartments and the Metropolitan Art Park. The project has been acclaimed as the first top grade flagship complex adjacent to the river in the middle of the CBD in southern China, with famous landmarks such as the Canton Tower the Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Theatre and the Guangzhou Library all nearby. It fuses recreation, shopping, international commerce, urban travel, cultural arts and high end residential complexes into one complex, so that the urban elite can have the wonderful experience of effortlessly switching between their workplace and relaxing lifestyles.

Diamond Grade Shopping and Recreation Experience

The inspiration for the renowned American architectural design company Callison and the Hong Kong architectural design company AGC, for the diamond shaped International Grand City to be like a 'riverbank diamond', that from above it would appear to be a huge glittering diamond. The surface area of the shopping centre in the commercial building comprises 100,000 m². There are a total of seven floors, the top floor has been designed as the only restaurant and scenic open air terrace garden with a view of the riverine scenery in the whole of Guangzhou. International Grand City brings together around 160 international high quality, fashion brands as well as dozens of restaurants with which to satisfy high end mass consumption. Nine out of ten of which have come to Outstanding Guangzhou to open either their first outlet or flagship store in southern China or maybe even nationwide. It is the first time for the Michelin recommended Japanese restaurant Inakaya, to come to China and also the first time for the high-end Chinese restaurant, Imperial Treasure, and top-quality eatery, Morton's House to come to southern China. In addition, the premier grade Cinema Palace, developed at huge expense by the Hong Kong Broadway Cinemas, will bring film buffs never seen before visual effects with its extremely luxurious IMAX Cinema and is Broadway Cinemas' flagship cinema in the southern China region.

Diamond Grade Exquisite Taste

The International Grand City is the most outstanding shopping and recreational destination for those seeking a high quality of life. The shopping centre's distinct glass skylight lets customers feel the magical beauty of sunlight and moonlight whilst inside the building; the top floor open air terrace garden has the air of a green oasis within a hectic metropolis; while at the three exceptionally characteristic rooms of the multiple glass paned riverbank restaurant, one can better appreciate top rate food whilst enjoying the bank of the Pearl River along with the stunning sight of the hourglass shape of the Canton Tower. The glass walls of the shopping centre extend down to the ground, mimicking the pattern of a multifaceted cut diamond, where they link to the 5000 metre square Metropolitan Art Park. The large statues made by internationally renowned artists bring fascinating creative arts into this thriving commercial space.

Diamond Grade Central Location

Situated at the important meeting point of the Pearl River triangle, guests have easy access to Top Plaza from all directions. The shopping centre has three zones for the dropping off and picking up of customers. It boasts a well-developed road network, closely connected with Liede Avenue, Flower City Avenue are well as Linjiang Avenue. The basement level directly connects to Liede Station on Subway Line 5 and the shopping centre also provides nearly one thousand parking spaces.